Problem Prenatals…

According to, there are 7 major problems with prenatal vitamins.  Poor Quality: Most prenatal vitamins contain poor quality, synthetic forms of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants like an inferior form of B12 called Cyancobalamin (that’s harder on your liver) and the cheap, hard to absorb, Calcium Carbonate. Inadequate Potency: Most have inadequate potency (not enough … Continue reading

Exciting NEW Product Just for Moms!

Extra Oils ™ is a unique, double concentrated fish oil specially formulated to provide pregnant and postpartum mothers who may have excessive sadness, changeable moods, “brain fog”, and especially dry skin, hair and nails, a bigger boost of DHA and EPA oils.

The Birth of Excellent Prenatal Vitamins

I asked my husband [a doctor] why some women were so tired after childbirth. Why do they get depressed? Why can’t they sleep? Had he heard this before?

“Everyday, he said. All the time.”

Adrenal Fatigue and How to Beat It

Think of how these symptoms may impact new mothers: Irritability, Fear / Worry /Anxiety, Depression, Guilt, Overwork/ physical or mental strain, Sleep deprivation, Light-cycle disruption, Going to sleep late, Surgery, Trauma/injury, Chronic inflammation, Chronic pain, Nutritional deficiencies… Many women can be set up for adrenal fatigue just by virtue of being a new mom. Unfortunatley, … Continue reading

Full Circle Wellness

Typically, my notes on posts appear in orange.  Today I am writing the copy myself, so this article will appear in black.   Today marks a dramatic turning point for my family.  Many of you know about my personal struggle with mental illness.  Fourteen years ago, when my daughter was less than two years old, I was … Continue reading

Resources: Products to Support Maternal Mental Health

Many readers are asking for specific tools to use themselves or to offer clients who are struggling with mood issues.  One tireless advocate for maternal care is Dr. Dean Raffelock.  Dr. Raffelock, along with his wife Stephanie, has created two nutritional formulas perfect for pregnant women and new mothers.  One is Before Baby Boost, to … Continue reading