Series (Part 5): Organic Causes of Psychiatric Illness

 Thanks to Suzanne Swanson for alerting me to errors with the posting of this series.  Here is a re-post of Part 5 of Organic Causes of Psychiatric Disorders Section IV Depression A. Differential Diagnosis: Psychiatric Illness 1. Primary Affective Disorders a. Major depression, either single episode or recurrent bipolar disorder b. Dysthymia c. Adjustment disorder … Continue reading

Adrenal Fatigue and How to Beat It

Think of how these symptoms may impact new mothers: Irritability, Fear / Worry /Anxiety, Depression, Guilt, Overwork/ physical or mental strain, Sleep deprivation, Light-cycle disruption, Going to sleep late, Surgery, Trauma/injury, Chronic inflammation, Chronic pain, Nutritional deficiencies… Many women can be set up for adrenal fatigue just by virtue of being a new mom. Unfortunatley, … Continue reading

Series (Part 4): Organic Causes of Psychiatric Illness

Thanks to Suzanne Swanson for pointing out errors with this series.  Today and Wednesday I will re-post parts 4 and 5. Organic Causes of Psychiatric Disorders (part 4) Section III Anxiety A. Think About the Phenomenology of Anxiety 1. Psychological manifestations: Inner feelings of terror, tension, apprehension and dread, derealization, depersonalizations, fear of impending insanity … Continue reading

Full Circle Wellness

Typically, my notes on posts appear in orange.  Today I am writing the copy myself, so this article will appear in black.   Today marks a dramatic turning point for my family.  Many of you know about my personal struggle with mental illness.  Fourteen years ago, when my daughter was less than two years old, I was … Continue reading

Errors with “Organic Causes..” Posts

Hi everyone, Susanne Swanson has just notified me that the last three posts in this series have been identical.  So sorry, we were just getting to the best part of this article!  Posts #4 and 5 have been updated to include the missing sections on anxiety and depression and will be reposted next week along with new material.

Series (Part 3): Organic Causes of Psychiatric Illness

Section II Psychosis- Patients that Appear Out of Touch with RealityA. Consider Organic Disease If you do not look for it you will not find it. Be suspicious of “medical clearance”. 1. Other symptoms that suggest organic disease include: o a patient over 40 with no previous psychiatric history o hallucinations that are visual and … Continue reading

What Should I Eat?

Here is a great site outlining which foods help with mental health issues.  I’ve found that supplementation is the quickest way to experience relief from symptoms, but dietary modification is very important. Pregnant women and new mothers have experienced a rapid drain of their nutritional reserves, so it is imperative that they replenish their nutrient … Continue reading