Bio-Identical Progesterone

For several decades women were given synthetic hormone substitution referred to as HRT. The products used were laboratory created or conjugated compounds that in no way replicated what is naturally produced in the female body. Then many studies showed in a big way that some of these patented compounds were dangerous to health. When the … Continue reading

Mental Health and the Beginning of Life

The bigger the better. While we don’t usually apply this to babies, it appears that bigger is in fact better when it comes to birthweight and mental health. A recent study found that low birthweight carries significant risk for depression and anxiety later in life. “The lower the birthweight, the more likely that an individual will … Continue reading

Maternal Nutrition and Mental Health

The old adage “you are what you eat” still holds true. Good nutrition is essential for brain growth and development in particular, and for good physical and mental health in general. And yet poor nutrition is extremely common. The impact of a poor diet is magnified in pregnancy-when a woman’s nutritional needs increase and the … Continue reading

Provider Profile: Dr. Nancy Lins

PSI Member Dr. Nancy Lins is a board certified Naturopathic Physician licensed in the State of Hawaii. Her background includes the use of various natural modalities including Nutrition, Vitamin Therapies, Botanical Medicine, Homeopathic Medicine, Acupuncture, Structural Therapy and Mind/Body Medicine. Dr. Lins completed her clinical training in Hawaii focusing primarily upon women’s health issues pertaining … Continue reading

Healthful Eating Ideas

Many readers are asking for specific tools they can use to fight mood disorders.  I am surprised by the number of women who have ‘forgotten’ how to eat (myself included).  It can be hard to step back and realize how foods impact our moods- sometimes we are low or experience foggy thinking and it can … Continue reading

Provider Profile: Dr. Dean Raffelock

WellPostpartum Weblog is proud to highlight practitioners who seek to address underlying causes for perinatal mood issues. Many of the care providers in the Provider Profile Series practice complementary care. They will refer mothers for medical treatment when necessary, but they tend to try other approaches first. If testing shows neurotransmitter imbalance or nutritional depletion, those needs may be addressed first, for example. Some specialize in helping women to wean off medications using alternative approaches.

Resources: Products to Support Maternal Mental Health

Many readers are asking for specific tools to use themselves or to offer clients who are struggling with mood issues.  One tireless advocate for maternal care is Dr. Dean Raffelock.  Dr. Raffelock, along with his wife Stephanie, has created two nutritional formulas perfect for pregnant women and new mothers.  One is Before Baby Boost, to … Continue reading