Problem Prenatals…

According to, there are 7 major problems with prenatal vitamins.  Poor Quality: Most prenatal vitamins contain poor quality, synthetic forms of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants like an inferior form of B12 called Cyancobalamin (that’s harder on your liver) and the cheap, hard to absorb, Calcium Carbonate. Inadequate Potency: Most have inadequate potency (not enough … Continue reading

B-vitamins and maternal wellness

The following article is a REPRINT for those who may not have read about folate. Folate is a B-vitamin that has been advised for use in women who are pregnant or lactating.  The absence of sufficient folate is shown to be an early predictor of postpartum depression.  Folate is also thought to be an effective complement to antidepressant medications.  Folate is a water-soluble … Continue reading

Are Prenatal Vitamins Effective?

This article is a REPRINT, offered to newer readers of WellPostpartum Weblog.  Be sure and read to the bottom for an excellent product resource by Dr. Dean Raffelock of Recommended Daily Allowances for Pregnant Women Could we have a false sense of security because women use prenatal vitamins?  When I first realized that most commercially-available prenatal vitamins … Continue reading