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You may remember my last post, months ago, promised a new consulting business launch.  It is now up and running at, ready to serve new mothers who are suffering.  WellPostpartum Consulting is an online service for those wishing to use integrative methods to treat mood and anxiety issues.  It is private, inexpensive, and allows for rapid alleviation of … Continue reading

WellPostpartum E-News!

…WellPostpartum E-News is revving up to provide up-to-the-minute news, research, book reviews, conference information and all the other things you loved about WellPostpartum Weblog!

Balancing Act: Postpartum Support International and The MOTHERS Act

by Cheryl Jazzar, MHR WellPostpartum Weblog ( – Non-Pharmacological Approaches to Treatment of Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders Many people have become frustrated by the lack of support for women.  Women have every right to internalize feelings of being underserved, overlooked and unsteady.  Motherhood as an institution has consistently been undervalued and minimized.  Being a mother today, and throughout history, … Continue reading

WellPostpartum Weblog Updated for YOU!

Dear Readers, It has been a wonderful journey writing WellPostpartum Weblog for the past six months.  I am honored to bring it’s content to you twice each week.  Since the number of subscribers continues to skyrocket, I will re post important, older information for the new readers. I will also be adding new material to … Continue reading

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Hi Everyone, Please excuse the absence of posts last week.  I have been working through issues with the feed for this blog, but we should be good to go now. This week will continue with the standard Monday/Wednesday posting format, including data on mood and minerals.  Be sure to read next week- we will have … Continue reading

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