The MOTHERS Act Will Address These Needs- Proof That PPD Exists

Some critics of The MOTHERS Act like to claim that perinatal mood and anxiety disorders are ‘made up’ in order to convince women they need to use psychiatric medications.  Yes, this is ridiculous, but I thought I’d post this lab report of a woman who obviouly needed treatment.  The treatment that helped her happened to … Continue reading

Balancing Act: Postpartum Support International and The MOTHERS Act

by Cheryl Jazzar, MHR WellPostpartum Weblog ( – Non-Pharmacological Approaches to Treatment of Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders Many people have become frustrated by the lack of support for women.  Women have every right to internalize feelings of being underserved, overlooked and unsteady.  Motherhood as an institution has consistently been undervalued and minimized.  Being a mother today, and throughout history, … Continue reading