NEW WellPostpartum E-News!

You may remember my last post, months ago, promised a new consulting business launch.  It is now up and running at, ready to serve new mothers who are suffering.  WellPostpartum Consulting is an online service for those wishing to use integrative methods to treat mood and anxiety issues.  It is private, inexpensive, and allows for rapid alleviation of symptoms. 

WellPostpartum Consulting offers:

An online questionnaire

Telephone and email support

Personalized, non-drug treatments

Lifestyle coaching and education

Referrals to psychotherapists specializing in maternal mental health


The good news for you is WellPostpartum E-News is revving up to  provide up-to-the-minute news, research, book reviews, conference information and all the other things you loved about WellPostpartum Weblog!

Do me 2 quick favors?  If you received this post please leave a short comment below.  This will help me work out the bugs and move on to fantastic stories and guest author posts for you. 

And, if all your colleagues are not yet subscribers, be sure to forward this email to them so they can subscribe.

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  1. Birdie says:

    Hi Cheryl!!

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