The Paleo Pregnancy by Stephanie Raffelock

The Paleo diet refers back to Paleo times when human beings were hunter/gatherers and lived on diets of protein , vegetables and moderate amounts of seasonal fruit. Notice the absence of carbs? The body does need carbohydrates and although a lot of those are present in vegetables, the advent of bread became the main staple for carbohydrates post Paleo times.


Postpartum Depression: Identify and Correct the Underlying Causes

Here is an example of yet another integrative practice focusing on perinatal mood issues.  The following article was written by Drs. John Neustadt, ND and Steve Pieczenik, MD, PhD, NBITC. Post-partum depression affects up to twenty-five percent of mothers. It is a debilitating and life-threatening condition that robs mothers of the ability to enjoy their … Continue reading

Provider Profile: NBI Testing and Consulting

Dear Readers, It is my good pleasure to introduce to you yet another integrative care provider for women with perinatal mood issues.  NBI Testing and Consulting Corporation serves many different types of patient and has a special interest in pregnant women and new mothers.  The best part about their practice is they are able to serve … Continue reading