Data on Zinc and Mood

According to nutritionist Blake Graham all vitamins and minerals are involved in one or more biochemical pathways and/or physiological actions which influence the function of the human brain. Most vitamin and mineral deficiencies result in psychiatric symptoms in a significant number of people, and in people with psychiatric diagnoses these deficiencies are often associated with … Continue reading

Zinc and Pregnancy

…women need to increase their Zinc intake by around 2 mg throughout their pregnancy and while breastfeeding. This will help ensure that the fetus develops properly and that the breast milk is full of nutrients.

Zinc is also known to impact mental health. Stay tuned to WellPostpartum Weblog for Data on Zinc and Mood.

How Does Cortisol Impact Mothers?

Dear readers,  Cortisol has been shown to negatively impact maternal mood and also a baby in the uterus.  When we are under stress and pregnant, our baby is bathed in stress hormones.  The good news is there are many things one can do to reduce stress (and cortisol) during pregnancy.  Be sure to look for my comments below … Continue reading

Series (Part 5): Organic Causes of Psychiatric Illness

 Thanks to Suzanne Swanson for alerting me to errors with the posting of this series.  Here is a re-post of Part 5 of Organic Causes of Psychiatric Disorders Section IV Depression A. Differential Diagnosis: Psychiatric Illness 1. Primary Affective Disorders a. Major depression, either single episode or recurrent bipolar disorder b. Dysthymia c. Adjustment disorder … Continue reading

Adrenal Fatigue and How to Beat It

Think of how these symptoms may impact new mothers: Irritability, Fear / Worry /Anxiety, Depression, Guilt, Overwork/ physical or mental strain, Sleep deprivation, Light-cycle disruption, Going to sleep late, Surgery, Trauma/injury, Chronic inflammation, Chronic pain, Nutritional deficiencies… Many women can be set up for adrenal fatigue just by virtue of being a new mom. Unfortunatley, … Continue reading

Series (Part 4): Organic Causes of Psychiatric Illness

Thanks to Suzanne Swanson for pointing out errors with this series.  Today and Wednesday I will re-post parts 4 and 5. Organic Causes of Psychiatric Disorders (part 4) Section III Anxiety A. Think About the Phenomenology of Anxiety 1. Psychological manifestations: Inner feelings of terror, tension, apprehension and dread, derealization, depersonalizations, fear of impending insanity … Continue reading

Full Circle Wellness

Typically, my notes on posts appear in orange.  Today I am writing the copy myself, so this article will appear in black.   Today marks a dramatic turning point for my family.  Many of you know about my personal struggle with mental illness.  Fourteen years ago, when my daughter was less than two years old, I was … Continue reading