WellPostpartum Moves In a New Direction

Hi everyone,

I haven’t blogged in a very long time! Obviously.

You may remember on Good Friday a 6 ton tree fell into our Atlanta house.  Our kids’ homeschool, music room and game room were destroyed.  We ended up moving to a ranch in Oklahoma during reconstruction and it’s not done yet!

The insurance company has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars so far.  The entire 1600 square foot upstairs is nearly rebuilt, but the downstairs has not been started yet.

Long story short: we have been busy compiling a new homeschool and catching up on last year’s school work.


My original goal for WellPostpartum Weblog was to research and blog for one year, which I did.  It was important to reference the protocol I’d used for new moms mood and anxiety issues.  I’m very pleased to have completed the amount of work posted on WellPostpartum Weblog.  There are still many, many topics that could be covered.  The array of things impacting mental health is intriguing and boggles the mind!

My energy is now being refocused to develop WellPostpartum Consulting: an online therapy site for perinatal women suffering with mood and anxiety issues.

In the meantime, WellPostparum Weblog can be accessed at www.momswellness.wordpress.com.

I’ll keep you up to date on the launch of WellPostpartum Consulting,


One Response to “WellPostpartum Moves In a New Direction”
  1. Adriana says:

    Cheryl: I wanted to know if you have come acroos about succesful natural treatments for bipolar after delivery

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