What is My Postpartum Plan?

A. I don’t have a postpartum plan
B. I don’t need a postpartum plan
C. I wish I knew!
D. I’ve spent time considering my postpartum period

Hopefully, by the time your baby comes you will have considered what will happen afterward! You are going to go from nine months of growing another human being to a not pregnant state and it takes a toll on the body. The work of labor, birthing the baby and placenta and the start of lactation all put intense demands on the body and you WILL want people caring for you.

It is time to start thinking about your physical, spiritual and emotional needs. Who will shop for and provide food? Care for your household and other children? Entertain visitors? Offer you body treatments? Talk with you about your experience? Help you with breastfeeding questions?

My Postpartum Wellness website is a great place to start when considering these questions.

Be sure to check out my Ultimate Pregnancy Program for help in considering all these issues. You’ll be glad you did!


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