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WellPostpartum Consulting, LLC was founded by Cheryl Jazzar, MHR.  Cheryl writes WellPostpartum E-News for families and providers as a free educational service, and WellPostpartum Consulting provides care for suffering mothers and those who wish to avoid experiencing postpartum depresion.

Cheryl Jazzar has been working in the postpartum support field since 1998.  She has four children and a wonderful husband and lives Norman, Oklahoma.   

Ms. Jazzar gained her B.A. in psychology and her Master’s of Human Relations from The University of Oklahoma.  During this time, she was privileged to intern with Project Mothercare, the service project created by Sheryl Cozad, MFA.  Project Mothercare was the first organized outreach project in the state of Oklahoma.  Sheryl Cozad and Cheryl Jazzar then co-founded Postpartum Support of Oklahoma in 1999.  Cheryl Jazzar served as the OK state coordinator for Postpartum Support International from 2003-2008.  Ms. Jazzar was trained by PSI on the recognition and treatment of postpartum mood disorders in Santa Barbara, California in the year 2000.

In 2002-2003 Postpartum Support of Oklahoma worked with several organizations to host the state’s first conference on PPMDs.  Healing the New Mother’s Mind, Body and Spirit” resulted in Cheryl Beck’s training of 170 social workers on the proper use of her screening scale, Jane Honikman’s delivery of the keynote speech and organizing further state structure and an array of on-site support and training options for mothers in attendance.

Over twelve years Postpartum Support of Oklahoma offered a nutritional protocol along with standard perinatal resources such as referrals to psychiatric professionals and support group options.  Hundreds of mother’s mild to moderate postpartum mood symptoms were rapidly alleviated using this protocol.  Cheryl authored a chapter on this protocol in a book entitled 101 Great Ways to Improve Your Health (Self Improvement Online, Inc 2007).   Ninety copies of this book were gifted to Postpartum Support International board members and coordinators in 2007-2008. 

Ms. Jazzar has been interviewed for various state and national news outlets including Know the Cause with Doug Kaufmann and Holy Hormones, Honey with Leslie Carol Botha.  She produced an e-newsletter on perinatal mood and anxiety illnesses that served the state of Oklahoma for many years.  Postpartum Support of Oklahoma has provided numerous in-service trainings, including serving as panel moderators and presenters for The National Alliance for the Mentally Ill (NAMI) state conference, Oklahoma chapter.

Cheryl is privileged to now provide more details of integrative care for maternal mental illness via WellPostpartum E-News and serve as a healthcare provider to new mothers nationwide via WellPostpartum Consulting.  WellPostpartum E-News offers tools for women wishing to incorporate integrative options into their care routine.  WellPostpartum Consulting offers The Emotional Wellness Quiz, a FREE first consultation, The Ultimate Pregnancy Program, The Mother’s Renewal Program, The Majestic Mother’s Circle, and the PPD Professionals Integrative Training Program .  Cheryl Jazzar is the administrator for the private Facebook group Integrative PPD Professionals, where those trained in integrative prevention and treatment discuss their methods.  Cheryl can be contacted at cjazzar@wellpostpartum.com.

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