Problem Prenatals…

According to, there are 7 major problems with prenatal vitamins.  Poor Quality: Most prenatal vitamins contain poor quality, synthetic forms of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants like an inferior form of B12 called Cyancobalamin (that’s harder on your liver) and the cheap, hard to absorb, Calcium Carbonate. Inadequate Potency: Most have inadequate potency (not enough … Continue reading

Is Successful Bonding a “Hit or Miss” Thing?

One of the hardest things about pregnancy is not being able to control outcomes. With bonding, we can stack the deck in our favor. Nothing can make us feel like a great mom more than a baby who seems to ‘get along with us’, but the truth is all babies are different and they can … Continue reading

Possible Link Between Trans Fats and Mood

Individuals who ate a lot of polyunsaturated fats — a healthier type of fat that is found in olive oil, for example — had a lower risk of depression.