Is Successful Bonding a “Hit or Miss” Thing?

One of the hardest things about pregnancy is not being able to control outcomes.

With bonding, we can stack the deck in our favor. Nothing can make us feel like a great mom more than a baby who seems to ‘get along with us’, but the truth is all babies are different and they can come with distinct challenges.

We must realize that living with a newborn is a lot like any new relationship: we have to get to know one another.

Sometimes a cranky baby is uncomfortable, or a health issue could develop and throw us a curve ball. At times, parenting can feel like a pure personality conflict. We have to learn how to honor our child in unique ways. It can take years to get really good at it, but it is important not to beat ourselves up while we are getting to know one another.

Being prepared for the unknown is always a good thing.

Use time during pregnancy to foster relationships with others. Learn to ask for help. Make a birth plan. Get some core girlfriends. You will be glad you have strong relationships for those unexpected issues that arise after childbirth.

A trigger that can cause bonding difficulties is postpartum depression.

Having a mood or anxiety reaction is the most common complication of pregnancy; and it can feel like a wrench was thrown into the works! The good news is there are many treatments available: both medicinal and alternative. One great way to start off your postpartum period is with a “Wellness Plan”. This could include postnatal yoga, infant massage classes, postnatal vitamins, or a new mothers support group.  Planning for great bonding can help ensure success!

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