Resources: Products to Support Maternal Mental Health

Many readers are asking for specific tools to use themselves or to offer clients who are struggling with mood issues.  One tireless advocate for maternal care is Dr. Dean Raffelock.  Dr. Raffelock, along with his wife Stephanie, has created two nutritional formulas perfect for pregnant women and new mothers.  One is Before Baby Boost, to be used during pregnancy.  The other is After Baby Boost, which is designed to replenish nutritional stores after pregnancy.

Before Baby Boost


bbb_program_300The highest quality, most comprehensive prenatal vitamin system available. Made with love. For mothers who want the very best for their babies and themselves. Celebrate your pregnancy in the very best of health!Your baby’s body is formed entirely from the nutrients your body donates. Before Baby BoostTM is designed to provide your baby and you the highest quality nutrients available for a healthy pregnancy. Before Baby BoostTMis a comprehensive prenatal nutrient system. Most prenatal vitamins on the market are inadequate to meet the nutritional requirements of making a new baby’s body and keeping mom healthy too. Virtually none of them have high quality DHA and EPA Omega 3 oils necessary to form baby’s eyes, brain, nerves, skin, and cell membranes, alpha lipoic acid and coenzyme Q10 for great natural energy, truly absorbable forms of the minerals calcium and magnesium, or special ingredients to help relieve the “morning queasyness” associated with pregnancy. While taking low potency prenatal vitamins are better than nothing, they are inadequate to meet the real nutritional needs of both baby and mother. This is why we at Sound Formulas have developed and produced Before Baby BoostTMcomprehensive prenatal nutritional system. Only the highest quality nutrients in potencies that really work have gone into Before Baby BoostTM.


The first and only clinically tested comprehensive postpartum vitamin system available. Made with love. Replenish the nutrients your body donated to make your baby’s body. Take the best care of yourself so you can enjoy taking the very best care of your family!

After Baby Boost


abb_program_300It is vitally important for a mother to replenish the nutrients her body donated to make her baby’s body. Caring for a new baby uses up high quantities of nutrients everyday. After Baby BoostTMcomprehensive nutrient system was designed to replenish and continually restore a new mother’s body with the highest quality nutrients available. No shortcuts, no cheap ineffective ingredients. Just the very highest quality nutrients available in potencies that really work! After Baby BoostTMprovides even higher multi-nutrient potencies than Before Baby BoostTM to help new mothers fully replenish their postpartum nutritional and energetic reserves and avoid many common postpartum health conditions. For best results continue taking After Baby BoostTM for the full 24 month pregnancy recovery period after your baby is born. This helps prevent and relieve many postpartum health conditions. Many women continue to take After Baby BoostTM beyond the recommended 24 month pregnancy recovery period because it helps them feel so good!

To order either product, or for more information click on the product names above or visit


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