Exciting NEW Product Just for Moms!

Great friends to WellPostpartum Weblog (and new mothers everywhere), Dr. Dean and Stephanie Raffelock have recently formulated a fantastic new Omega-3 blend.  Read on:


oils-new_150Extra Oils ™ is a unique, double concentrated fish oil specially formulated to provide pregnant and postpartum mothers who may have excessive sadness, changeable moods, “brain fog”, and especially dry skin, hair and nails, a bigger boost of DHA and EPA oils.

DHA is called the “smart fat” because it is the main cognitive (learning and remembering) fat of the brain and the main structural fat that gives the human brain its size, shape and weight. Studies suggest that babies that receive enough DHA oils from mother’s blood via the placenta or through breast feeding are smarter and have bigger and better functioning brains. DHA is aggressively pulled from mother’s body to help form baby’s brain, eyes, skin, and billions of cell membranes. Baby’s needs are Mother Nature’s first priority so mother’s body often may become deficient affecting moods, mental clarity, and causing dry skin, hair and nails.

EPA oil helps to soothe and ease joint and muscle aches throughout the whole body.

Pregnant and postpartum moms will feel the multiple benefits of adding Extra Oils to your Before Baby Boost prenatal and After Baby Boost postnatal nutritional systems!

Extra Oils will not add on weight because they are used to form structural cell membranes and help in “aerobic metabolism” to burn the bad kinds of fat.

Our Extra Oils are “burp less” because they are fresh and pure and have a great lemony, non-fishy taste. The gel caps can be chewed and then discarded to limit the amount of capsules consumed if desired. As with our other essential oils, Extra Oils are certified to be free of heavy metals, bacteria, PCBs and other environmental toxins. They also contain our20great proprietary blend of the antioxidants Vit E, ascorbyl Vit C, Rosemary oil, and Lemon oil to prevent rancidity and preserve freshness.


Click here to order or learn more about the wonderful, mood supporting products and services offered at Sound Formulas.

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And, if you have not yet read Dr. Raffelock’s excellent book do yourself a favor and delve in.    

A Natural Guide to Pregnancy and Postpartum Health is the best work I’ve seen on integrative care for perinatal mood issues- and boy, have I reviewed lots of books!  Be sure to tune in next week for an in-depth educational series authored by Dean and Dr. Hyla Cass. Tell your colleagues about this free event- they can subscribe to WellPostpartum Weblog by clicking “SUBSCRIBE To:” in the right-hand column of www.wellpostpartum.com



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