7 Benefits of Detoxing Today

Here is an excellent article on the benefits of detoxing.  One understated benefit is the mood regulating result of a good detox.  Email me for more information on my favorite protocol at rjazzar@gmail.com.

7 Benefits of Detoxing Today

Detoxification is the process whereby the body rids itself of harmful chemicals that have accumulated in the body. These chemicals can be byproducts of natural processes, or they can be alien substances introduced into the body through food, air, or other environmental interactions.

The organs of the body responsible for detoxification are the liver, kidneys, colon, lungs, lymph system, blood and skin. Detoxification is an ongoing and natural process.

How Do You Become Toxic?

Although the body is naturally made to be able to detoxify itself, it is really geared toward a much less harmful environment than that in which most of us live today. Think back to the days when most people lived in the country and consumed foods grown locally, unprocessed, and eaten fresh or dried. No preservatives, no chemicals in the water, no smog in the air.
Those days are behind us, and we are now faced with all manner of chemicals and unnatural substances in all areas of our life. Our foods have been preserved, chemicals are added to enhance flavor or color, containers are made from chemicals that can leach into the food, the air has particulate matter in it previously unheard of, we touch cleaning compounds and other chemical solutions every day, and so on.

Our bodies’ systems were not made to handle this amount of input, and they become overwhelmed. When we don’t eliminate toxins from our body quickly enough, health begins to decline, and the stage is set for longer-term outcomes.

What Happens when Toxins Accumulate in the Body?
Recently, many medical researchers have been realizing that toxins are the possible, and in some cases probable, genesis of many of the chronic and degenerative diseases that plague our society today. These ailments range from immune system disorders to cancers, neurological disorders and everything in between.

Even though these diseases may have an organic cause that has been identified, such as a hormonal imbalance, the question is why did the hormonal imbalance occur in the first place? We are now realizing that the body could have been able to prevent the disease from taking hold if only it were healthy enough.

Many diseases, including pervasive and chronic ones such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and Multiple Sclerosis will respond to treatment that includes helping the body eliminate toxins. These types of diseases have had a damaging impact on our society, rendering previously productive people disabled or seriously impaired in their daily lives.

Cures from typical Western medicine have been sadly lacking in effectiveness, at best being able to ameliorate some symptoms, but not being able to stop or reverse the disease. Assisting your body eliminate toxins will help you maintain or regain good health.

Why is Detoxing Essential?

The illnesses caused by overloaded, poisoned systems tend to develop gradually. People generally don’t notice they’re becoming ill, and when they do find that they’re ill, they cannot connect their symptoms to any landmark event.

Symptoms frequently start as minor complaints such as headaches, sinus infections, frequent colds, fatigue, or other maladies that seem to be a result of being “run down.” After a while, diseases such as asthma, allergies, neurological disorders and hormonal imbalances seem to spring up out of nowhere.

If you establish a regular regimen of cleansing your body now, you will have a better chance of avoiding many types of toxin-driven illnesses later on.

There are safe and cost-effective programs available for most kinds of natural detoxing. These programs will give your body the much-needed boost to eliminating poisons and unfriendly substances from the blood, colon, lungs, liver, kidneys, skin and lymph systems.

Could You Already be Toxic?

It’s best to make detoxification part of your life early on, and have it constitute part of your preventative healthcare regimen. However, you may already be suffering some signs of becoming toxic. If that is the case, you will want to start a body-purifying program as quickly as possible.

If you’re suffering from allergies, congestion, depression, headaches, constipation, bad breath, or a host of other annoying, chronic maladies, you could already be a victim of toxin overload.
Now you know why you should be considering detoxing.

Let’s review seven direct benefits of a detoxification program:

1.) Toxins and Parasites are Removed from the Body

When toxins are ingested, inhaled, or absorbed through the skin, many of them are not simply passed out immediately. They become processed along with beneficial substances, and become part of the molecular makeup of the body. Some are isolated into organs that are used to cleanse the body, such as the liver. Others accumulate in the skin or other tissues where they can reside for quite some time.

Once the toxins have been incorporated into the body’s tissues, the body must respond to that invasion in some way. Responses include some of the illnesses mentioned above, and can also include genetic mutations, or upsets to the metabolism.

In addition to toxins, parasites may have been ingested or absorbed, and they also take up residence in various parts of the body. Parasites are organisms that introduce themselves into the body and then feed on it while providing no benefit in return. If their populations become overgrown, they will rob the host body of nutrients and cause health to decline.

Parasites can be very difficult to diagnose, as they generally do not make their presence known directly. Symptoms of parasitic infestation can masquerade as any number of other diseases. A person who has parasites may present with symptoms such as headaches, blurred vision, intestinal pain, fatigue, or skin rashes, yet these symptoms do not lead doctors to a proper diagnosis, because physicians do not automatically testing for and ruling out parasites.

Incorrect diagnoses and treatments then follow, yet the patient does not improve, because parasites are really at the root of the illness. Most parasites reside primarily in the colon, but they will migrate to other organs, and can cause damage to tissues there.

Organs frequently attacked by parasites include the joints, eyes, liver, heart, spleen, gall bladder, and pancreas. A detoxification program can rid the body of parasites as well as chemical toxins, thereby reducing allergies and other illnesses, and improving overall health and vitality.

2.) Immune System Function is Enhanced

The immune system comprises a delicate balance of several body processes coordinating to fight off infection, viruses or mutations. When toxins are circulating in the body, or are stored in tissues that contribute to immune system function, immunity itself can be badly compromised.
This presents challenges on two fronts. First, trying to eliminate the unfriendly toxins or chemicals distracts the immune system, which make it work overtime. When a routine attack from bacteria or viruses comes along, the immune system is already taxed by trying to eliminate or control the toxins, so it is unable to respond efficiently to the normal demands put upon it. A person with a compromised immune system is more likely to have infections, or succumb to colds, the flu, or other viral illnesses.

A properly functioning immune system works constantly to eliminate all invaders, so although a person may come into contact with potential infectious material constantly, it never takes hold. Once the immune system is overburdened with toxins, however, it does not have the resources left to fight off the daily incursions of unfriendly elements.

The second way toxins and chemicals hurt the immune system is that they can compromise the ability of the immune system to respond by damaging its ability to manufacture its needed antibodies and chemical compounds. Or, it can stimulate the immune system into overproduction, which is what causes allergies. Either way, the components of the immune system are not working to keep the body healthy. The immune system itself has become ill.

A good detoxification regimen will take the pressure off the immune system, and if it has been compromised, will allow it to repair itself so better health is attainable.

3.) Chronic Disease can be Prevented

The World Health Organization (WHO) indicates that environmental toxins may cause over 60 percent of known cancers. The more industrial and chemically enhanced our world becomes, the more our elimination capabilities are stressed to keep up. If we assist our systems in their process of cleansing the body of toxins, we minimize the burden on our bodies and ensure better health.

4.) Quality of Life can be Improved

The burden of toxins in the body makes life unpleasant. Even in the absence of severe disease, nagging complaints such as joint stiffness, allergies, headaches, digestive disorders, fatigue and depression rob life of the joy with which it’s supposed to be filled.

Toxins in the body that have overloaded the body’s natural ability to eliminate them can drive all these complaints. A detoxification regimen can restore you to vitality and joy.

5.) Weight Loss

One of the body’s responses to toxins is to encapsulate them in cells in the body. One of the most often used cells for this encapsulation is fat. Although there are many causes of obesity, and many diseases related to it, there is also the possibility that some percentage of excess weight occurs because the body is using fat to keep toxins as safely corralled as it can manage.
The body also encases toxins in water, which it must then store. Detoxing the body will result in loss of stored water and stored fat that was used to house these undesirable poisons. This may cause a loss of several pounds and inches.

6.) Body Systems’ Balance Restored

All of our body’s systems should be working together. Once we are overloaded with toxins, any impacted system can no longer pull its weight, and others then become overloaded or compromised. Hormonal systems, endocrine systems, digestive systems, all can be impacted by an overload of toxins. As one system fails to work properly, the others are taxed beyond their abilities, and our health deteriorates.

Undergoing a good detoxification regimen will restore balance to all your body’s systems, and they will function properly again. Digestive systems return to balance, and waste elimination occurs quickly, preventing a future buildup of toxins. The body can properly eliminate toxins during restful sleep. Moods are restored to balance, and all systems are working harmoniously again.

7.) Premature Aging Stopped and Slowed

Toxins stress the body and cause systems to break down and to age more rapidly than normal. Additionally, free radicals cause skin and organ damage that advances aging more quickly. Free radicals are not actually toxins in and of themselves, but they are a result of toxins in the environment and in the body.

A free radical is a molecule that’s missing an electron, so it attacks a nearby molecule to steal its electron. The attacked molecule then needs to recover its missing electron from another molecule, and a chain reaction is started that damages tissues at a molecular level.

Chemical processes caused by toxins, including pollution, cigarette smoke, and herbicides can create a free radical. In small amounts, the body can accommodate and repair free radical damage. However, when the free radical activity becomes overwhelming, premature aging and other signs of tissue stress become apparent.

Removal of toxins from the body will greatly reduce the formation of free radicals. Supplementing the diet with antioxidants will increase the body’s ability to eliminate free radicals, and of course the antioxidants will be put to better use if toxins do not strain the body in the first place.

What Kinds of Detoxification Programs are There?

There are many detoxification programs available today. Some are quite simple, safe and effective. Others may need medical supervision.

The most common detoxification regimen available is a colon detox. Since most toxins are ingested, those that are not immediately absorbed into the body will be moved out of it as waste. If the waste sits in the colon for too long, the toxins can be absorbed there, or can cause irritations to the intestinal linings. A minimum of one bowel movement a day is desirable. This will generally ensure that toxins are being eliminated effectively.

A colon detoxification regimen starts with eating plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables and whole grain foods. If organic food is available, it’s preferable, due to the reduced amount of chemicals used in its growth and processing.

There are supplements and herbs that assist with colon cleansing. Some of the common herbs used include psyllium husks or seeds, slippery elm, flax seeds, and Cascara Sagrada. You can also find supplements in a homeopathic store or catalog. All of these will work to stimulate the organs and aid in cleansing.

Cleansing the colon should be the first step in your detoxification program. If other organs are cleansed, but the colon is not yet working properly, toxins may end up in the overburdened colon and get reabsorbed from there.
The next step in detoxification is the kidney. Your kidneys process about 200 quarts of blood daily filtering out about two quarts of water and waste. Drinking large amounts of water and eating a healthy diet will help cleanse the kidneys. There are also herbal supplements available to assist in this detoxification project. Some common kidney detox herbs include Tribulus Terrestris, Nut grass, Siberian tea, and sweet basil.

Some people recommend a kidney-cleansing regimen by taking watermelon. 20 pounds or more of watermelon in one day will flush the kidneys. This is not recommended for people suffering from diabetes due to the high sugar content in the watermelons.

The liver is a major component in the body’s filtering mechanism. It captures parasites, viruses, bacteria and fungus as it processes the bloodstream. Liver detoxification should be done under supervision, and no more than twice a year. Eating a liver-healthy diet is the best way to support your liver function. This includes eating plenty of raw fruits and vegetables, avoiding heavy fat foods, and consuming light oils that contain essential fatty acids. Also, using a natural parasite cleanse product can support the body in very useful ways.

A blood detoxification is often done in conjunction with a liver cleansing regiment. There are many blood cleansing herbs such as red clover, chickweed, plantain and burdock root.

The skin and lymph systems can be detoxed by exercise. Regular exercise can be combined with herbal supplements, such as red clover, ocotillo stem, and Stillingia root to increase the elimination of wastes through the skin and lymph systems. Additionally, you may dry brush the skin to increase circulation, which assists elimination of waste through the skin.

The lungs can also be easily detoxified by proper breathing techniques. Taking time each day to focus on deep breathing, especially in a clean oxygen environment, will stimulate, revitalize and cleanse the lungs.
Last on the detoxification list is heavy metals. They accumulate I many areas of the body and are more difficult to eliminate from the body and can cause severe illness, including brain damage. They are particularly dangerous, but luckily, they are also more rare than other contaminants, with the exception of dental amalgam (metal fillings).

Free radical action is also heightened by the presence of heavy metals. Heavy metal substances include lead, cadmium, arsenic, aluminum, mercury, and nickel. Chelation therapy is frequently used to eliminate heavy metals.

Maintaining a high protein diet is important during a heavy metal detox, so do not fast during this type of detox. Protein in the diet will create sulfur-bearing amino acids, which greatly facilitate the removal of the heavy metals. There are supplements that support the effectiveness of the detox, including MSM, which is a form of sulfur, cilantro, and Chlorella. NAC (N-Acetylcysteine) and EDTA (ethylenediamine tetraacetic acid) are helpful in removing lead, mercury, aluminum, and cadmium from the body.

Begin Detoxing Today

Our bodies naturally eliminate waste toxins, poisons, and other undesirable matter. The shear volume of deadly toxins in our environment overwhelms this vital process. Our bodies need our help to restore balance and proper function. The consequences of failing to do this can be deadly.

Most detox programs are affordable, natural, pain free and can be done at home. Start now, and you will enjoy a foundation for good health long into the future.


It is important to note that a blood detox should be the last step in the detoxification process.  Since the organs can dump toxins into the blood stream, it makes sense to focus on blood detox at the end of a cleanse.  Or, one can choose a well-known program to minimize this type of concern. 


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