Healthful Eating Ideas

Many readers are asking for specific tools they can use to fight mood disorders.  I am surprised by the number of women who have ‘forgotten’ how to eat (myself included).  It can be hard to step back and realize how foods impact our moods- sometimes we are low or experience foggy thinking and it can be related to a food allergy, sugar highs/lows, or low nutrition foods.

Generally, pregnant women and new mothers should eat nutrient dense foods that are free from toxic chemicals, inferior oils and over-processing.  It is very important to AVOID SUGAR, especially high fructose corn syrup.  Did you know that the average 12 ounce soda contains 10 teaspoons of sugar?  

WellPostpartum Weblog will explore each of these issues in-depth in future posts.  For now, consider using these fine resources:

The Kitchen Shrink kitchenshrink1

Find some really valuable guidance about the connection between food and health and well-being. For Savona, you really are what you eat. In the first half of her book she looks at how both our body and brain are affected by what we eat. She discusses well-being generally, how mood, energy and concentration are all affected by blood-sugar levels, and why, for example, it can be so damaging to try to ‘cure’ tiredness with chocolate, coffee or other quick fixes. She addresses digestion and detoxification, energy and specific issues such as premenstrual problems, sleeplessness and depression. Most recipes are easy to prepare and unfussy, and Savona encourages adaptation and experimentation.  


Mother Food by Hilary Jacobson is a unique healthguide, herbal, and cookbook for breastfeeding mothers, drawing on traditions from around the world. Focusing on pregnancy and the postpartum, “Mother Food” explores lactogenic foods and herbs and how they enhance milk production, prevent postpartum depression, increase energy, promote gentle weightloss and detox, and improve the mother’s and baby’s immune systems. Also, these foods affect a baby’s IQ, colic, allergy, and even her like or dislike of the taste of her mother’s milk. Expert opinions are reviewed and traditional systems of medicine are succinctly explained. Written in an easy-to-read style and replete with remedies and recipes, “Mother Food” is both practical and informative. Recommended by lactation consultants and approved by the La Leche League International Book Evaluation Committee, “Mother Food” has become a favorite of mothers who want to learn what they can do to optimize both the quantity and quality of their milk, while contributing to their own and their baby’s best health.

Raw In 10 Minutesrawintenminutes

Over 150 pages and 80 Raw Organic Living Recipes that are all under 10 minutes and $10. Totally innovative, new recipes That are all unique, fast, easy, modeled to look and taste just like all of your favorite “cooked””baked””deep fried” comfort and junk foods but it is Raw Living Organic Bliss! It only looks and tastes like your favorite comfort and junk foods but is an adventure into “Super Foods”, high vibrational cuisine that will amplify your Yoga, Creativity, Beauty, Anti-Age You Naturally and Rejuvenate You!


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