“Magnesium Oil” for Mood

Here is information from a company I found a few years ago.  At first, I was skeptical- but when I started reading their newsletter I became intrigued.  After I found out a friend buys their ‘Magnesium Oil’ by the gallon I tried it for myself.

Now, I soak in this wonderful oil each and every week.  Soaking in these minerals gives me a great sense of peace and wellness.  Indeed, transdermal mineral therapy is a great way to take in minerals.

Today I am happy to provide you with this information from Global Light Network.  It is not my practice to promote certain brands on WellPostpartum Weblog and I certainly don’t accept money from any company I feature here.  But this product is too good to miss- especially for those of you struggling with mood issues.  Magnesium is powerfully suited to alleviate mood and anxiety disorders (see all articles under ‘minerals’).   One study found that 89.7% of its depressed participants were deficient in magnesium. 

Global Light Network (like all other companies selling health-related products) is prevented from making health claims about its products.  So, they regularly post testimonials from their clients.  They also provide free CDs with great information.

Click here for more information or to order Magnesium Oil from Global Light Network.  Here are some testimonials:

Magnesium Absorption

One Person’s Depression and Magnesium Oil . . . Magnesium in a transdermal form is probably the best delivery short of IV injection for depression and anxiety. I got no relief from supplements in powder, liquid or capsule. I got 70% relief from depression/anxiety just by taking a footbath in magnesium chloride/ transdermal magnesium.
The relief was instant.

I took the footbath and went to the park for exercise, and I could see relief that was more than noticeable . . . it was remarkable. I don’t know about oral ingestion, because if your digestion or immunity is compromised, all you will get is relief from constipation.

Magnesium doesn’t cure anything in the wonder drug sense of things — it just goes where there is a deficit of magnesium the body bypassing the digestive tract. That fact is very important.
-Posted to Internet with No Name
Transdermal Magnesium Changed a Life . . . Magnesium changed my life I’ve been on Paxil and then Serzone for the past ten years. Recently suffering a LOT of work stress, depression, anxiety, nervousness, insomnia, drinking too much. Was researching what antidepressant to turn to next and then I read about Magnesium.

Started fish oil and then a month later heard about magnesium. The magnesium eliminated all the above symptoms in a few days. I do not reach for the booze when stressed out anymore. I feel relaxed as ever.

Check out the Magnesium Miracle by Dr. Carolyn Dean and The Magnesium Factor by Mildred Seelig.

According to the above authors you could be deficient in magnesium if you are stressed out, nervous, depressed, take too much booze, caffeine or sugar.
-Posted with No Name

This stuff is MAGIC! . . . In one year I had been in the hospital for three operations: first a total hip replacement (THR) of my left hip, then a total knee replacement (TKR) of my right knee, and then a shunt in my skull to drain off fluid which had been causing me short-term memory problems. It was far more convenient for the hospital and rehab facility to keep me in bed rather than to let me up to walk around. So, swelling and pain caught up with me for lack of exercise.

The very first day that I put the Essence of Life Magnesium Oil on top of my knees and on my calves and then rubbed it well into the knee joints, some of the pain went down. Next the edema (swelling) around my knees began to go down. It’s awful when you can’t reach down to pick up a piece of paper you just dropped on the floor because your knees won’t bend, and you can’t tug your shoes on over the heel of your foot. Then, too, a short period of standing would bring on uncomfortable aches in my legs. The Magnesium Oil began to bring these abilities back to normal for me, gradually but permanently. I use it every day now, and my body rewards me by feeling better all the time.

I’ve been studying alternative ways to improve my health for many years now. Naturally I began to wonder WHY this Magnesium had become so important to my health that it could knock me flat if I didn’t have enough in my system. The answers came slowly and in strange puzzling ways.

In my mid-thirties, I began to have restless legs. This only came on at night when I became horizontal. They would twitch and keep me awake. I gritted my teeth and hung on. Many sleepless nights began to plague me.

One day while sitting at my desk, I began to have heart palpitations. My heart actually felt like it was going to jump right out of my chest. But when it missed a beat or two, then gave two irregular beats, I got really scared. I headed for the doctor at the military hospital. I thought he would put me through some tests. But no, he just listened to my story.

“We don’t know what causes it, but don’t worry about it. It’s called heart arrhythmia.” And I was turned out on my own. No advice, no concern, no magic pills to cure it all.

That was really what set me on the path to studying alternative health. I started taking vitamins, adding first one group and then another. The same with other supplements. The B vitamins did give me more energy, then most of my heart symptoms and leg twitches started to go down. But I couldn’t really tell which one of the supplements was helping me. OK, I’ll just take them ALL! As I read about their benefits, my dining room table became increasingly filled with more of these supplements. Then there would be excited announcements on TV about “the latest discovery for health.” But when you broke it down for information, it either had very little substance to it, was an expensive prescription item, or it had hideous side effects.

Then I remembered my older brother had had to give up going to his precious opera performances. By the middle of the first act he always had to get up out of his seat and walk the hallways because of his leg twitches, thus missing half the performance. Was this an indicator that it was a genetic problem? No, it turns out, we have all been suffering from a secret malnutrition.

During World War II there was meat and sugar rationing. From the viewpoint of my teenage years on an Iowa farm, it actually affected me very little. We raised our own cattle and hogs, pasture fed for the most part and butchered at the local locker plant. By keeping our sugar consumption at a low level, it no doubt kept diabetes at bay. We raised our own fruits and vegetables, canning a lot for winter use. I never realized until now that these were the most nutrition- filled days of my life.

Modern processing of foods has taken the most nutritious parts of many foods, and thrown them away. The hull of the wheat has been taken out of our bread. It is THIS hull which contains the magnesium and other minerals we so desperately need today.

Our ancestors roamed the fields and forest, stopping along the way to gather nuts and seeds to eat right on the spot. Thus in our evolution, our body wisdom said we didn’t need to conserve magnesium in our body, that it was always available in nuts and seeds for us to eat on almost a daily basis. Not now! So we end up short of magnesium! I love whole-grain breads. It MUST be the magnesium in them.

When you order this Essence of Life Magnesium Oil, be sure to order the book, Transdermal Magnesium Therapy by Mark Sircus.

Have you tried oral Magnesium supplements, such as magnesium oxide or magnesium citrate? According to Sircus they are the worst to assimilate, which is why they both have a strong laxative effect. (I can’t take more than 250 mg magnesium oxide before bedtime without encountering this laxative effect.) When I had my interview before surgery, I specifically asked if they added magnesium to the intravenous drip during and after surgery. “No, we don’t do that!” My request for it amounted to nothing, even though I said I knew I was magnesium deficient.

So having access to Magnesium Oil is truly MAGIC for me. It is absorbed through the skin immediately and goes right to work, bypassing the trials of the digestive system where it has to fight its way past digestive juices.

Magnesium and Calcium have a sort of love-hate relationship. They both head to the same connectors in the body, so they should be taken at different times of the day. Even so, magnesium is needed to an extent for proper calcium assimilation. Dr Christine Northrup recommends a 1:1 Ratio, especially important for women at the time of menopause. Magnesium also has the capability to calm our nerves. (I noted the loss of magnesium at the time of my surgeries coincided with terrible cases of nerves — which I had never had before then.)

On the list of common foods with magnesium, given in the book, I found a lot of my favorites among nuts: almonds, brazil nuts and walnuts. Uh-Oh! Peanuts are listed too, but I have become super-sensitized to them and even have to avoid peanut butter. I understand others have the same problem with peanuts, so I stay clear of them.

Ever notice how your magnesium deficiency symptoms seem to decrease around the holidays, like right now? Maybe it is because you are indulging in the luxury of eating lots of nuts during this holiday season. Take heed! Go ahead and indulge!

There is a saboteur among these foods though. I learned long ago, that although spinach had lots of calcium, it was not available to the body, because it also contained oxalic acid which bound tightly to the calcium. It seems it does the same with magnesium. Another source I read says that there is also oxalic acid in almonds. It isn’t mentioned in this book, however, so do your own research. Sea vegetables have lots of magnesium, although I find them a little difficult to take.

So it is back to the Magnesium Oil rubbed into your skin. I found it does a wonderful job as an underarm deodorant as well. Just don’t put it on skin that is raw or nicked. The natural salt in this Oil will get your attention in these cuts real fast. I like to use a cotton square to spread the Oil around. (Then you can use it one more time by just wetting it and stroking the area. There is enough of the Magnesium Oil left in the cotton to do a second treatment.)
Towards calm, pain-free days, K.K., KY
Our Magnesium Oil Changed Her Life . . . I sent her a free sample when I heard that she was in the hospital:

Just wanted to tell you what a wonderful product the Essence of Life Magnesium Oil has been for me.

I was recently hospitalized in ICU for fluid buildup in my lungs (due to chemo toxicity) that resulted in congestive heart failure. I put on 20 pounds of fluid, and the diuretics took off only 10 of that by the time I was discharged. I had about 5 pounds of fluid in my lungs, which they tapped, and the other 5 pounds I lost in the hospital.

So I came home 10 pounds heavier. The diuretics took off about 1 or maybe 2 pounds per day. On my second night home I had my partner rub the Magnesium Oil on my back and sides where there was fluid “puffiness” and the next morning I lost a whopping 5 pounds of fluid all at once. I returned to normal weight very quickly with the help of the Oil.

The next few nights after that I rubbed it on my arm, which has had lymphedema for a year, and the next morning my arm would have less fluid in it. It is almost normal size now, from being about twice as big as normal. I consider the Magnesium Oil to be a miracle and highly recommend this safe and natural product to everyone.

I gave some to my mother to use on her swollen, arthritic knee, and it helped reduce swelling and pain, and it did the same for a friend’s arthritic hand as well. So this Oil is indeed a special gift. Thanks so much for sending it to me!
L.C., US

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