Mood Disorders and Metabolism: Amazing Research by Kaplan, et al

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Have you found yourself wondering how and/or why nutrition can impact mood so severely?  Here are four theories by Canadian researcher Dr. Bonnie Kaplan, posted on the blog Discover and Recover: Resources for Mental Wellness. 


Mood Disorders and Metabolism: Amazing Research by Kaplan, et al.

Research by Dr. Bonnie Kaplan and others points toward new hope for millions – micronutrient supplementation as key to brain health – including recovery from mood disorders.
….it is now well-established that nutrients can alter gene expression; in fact, some nutritional journals now routinely provide entire issues of sections devoted to nutrient-gene interactions.”

Bonnie Kaplan, PhD      

Click here to read an excerpt from the APA’s Psychological Bulletin:
Unstable Mood May Be the Manifestation of Inborn Errors of Metabolism

One Response to “Mood Disorders and Metabolism: Amazing Research by Kaplan, et al”
  1. cheryljazzar says:

    Concerning weaning, one reader writes:

    I am a 34 yo old women diagnosed with Bipolar 2 and OCD. I am in the process of weaning off my meds under the guidance of my psychiatrist and a complementary medicine specialist. I have had a complete work up including saliva hormore testing, urine neurotransmitter testing, and mineral/vitamin blood tests.

    I am currently taking Adrecor, Travacor, and Cardio B, all from neuroscience. I recently went off of Celexa 20 mg and since that time have had trouble falling asleep. I have actually increased my dose of Trazadone from 25mg to 50mg to compensate and have had no success.

    I am looking for supplements that help with sleep. Thanks in advance.

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