The Mommy-Muse Features Dr. Dean Raffelock

Dr. Dean Raffelock, author of A Natural Guide to Pregnancy and Postpartum Health (Avery, 2002) was recently a guest on The Mommy-Muse radio show.  Search under ‘Content Library’ for his November 18th broadcast to hear A Natural Approach to Postpartum Recovery. 


A Natural Approach to Postpartum Recovery

Are you pregnant, have you just had a baby, or do you know a new mother? A woman expends enormous nutritional resources in the process of forming her baby’s body and giving birth. Many suffer symptoms such as mood swings, fatigue, worry, irritability, mental fog and sleep problems caused by nutritional depletion. draffelockphoto

Meet Dr. Dean Raffelock and Stephanie Raffelock. With their company, Sound Formulas, book and revolutionary products that provide the precise nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and essential oils that pregnant and postpartum mothers need, they are changing the paradigm of how new mothers are treated and can expect to feel. Dr. Elise Hewitt, a nationally-known pediatric chiropractor who was of great help to the Mommy-Muse and her baby, will also be stopping by. Discover how she helps children with conditions ranging from nursing difficulties, colic and poor sleep to asthma, ear infections and growing pains.


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