Light Bulbs for Postpartum Wellness???

I’ve actually been tickled at Dr. Shoshana Bennett lately.  She’s gotten so worked up over “sleep glasses” I had to check the idea out for myself.  After reviewing the following article I can see why she’s been urging me to look into this. 

It’s wonderful when something makes so much sense AND provides a simple solution to at least some women’s mood symptoms.  It seems the lack of melatonin from night time light exposure could be complicating mood issues for moms- and most of us would have never thought about it if it weren’t for people like Shoshana and Richard L. Hansler.  Thank you both for this article from!

 Click here for their article: Shoshana Bennett and Richard L. Hansler: A Natural Prevention of Postpartum Depression

And another article from Richard L. Hansler with more information on the research behind this finding is here.

Too much light at night has also been linked with childhood leukemia, breast cancer and general depression.


To order sleep glasses, go to  When asked “who referred you here” you can say Dr. Bennett did!


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