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Cheryl Jazzar has been working in the postpartum support field since 1998.  She has four children and a wonderful husband and lives in both Atlanta, Georgia and Norman, Oklahoma. 

In 1993 Ms. Jazzar experienced a psychotic break after giving birth to her first child and was hospitalized for six weeks.  This illness led to a divorce and Cheryl losing custody of her precious young daughter, Angelica.  When her second child was born five years later, Cheryl briefly experienced a severe, lethargic postpartum depression.  This reaction was rapidly alleviated when Cheryl called on Sheryl Cozad of Postpartum Support International for support.  Sheryl shared nutritional information taught by Postpartum Support International’s Anne Dunnewold and others.   
Ms. Jazzar gained her B.A. in psychology and her Master’s of Human Relations from The University of Oklahoma.  Her focus during her master’s work included and counseling, group dynamics and contemporary feminist thought .

Cheryl co-founded Postpartum Support of Oklahoma in 1999 along with Sheryl Cozad, MFA.  She served as the OK state coordinator for Postpartum Support International from 2003-2008.  As a PSI coordinator, Cheryl provided volunteer telephone support for hundreds of mothers suffering with mental health challenges.  As part of their resource list Postpartum Support of Oklahoma shared a nutritional protocol that alleviated most mood symptoms for women who called in experiencing mild to moderate postpartum depression and anxiety. 

The nutritional protocol used by PSO is outlined in a book chapter, authored by Cheryl Jazzar, entitled 101 Great Ways to Improve Your Health (Self Improvement Online, Inc 2007).  This book chapter is available for free here.   

In 2002-2003 Postpartum Support of Oklahoma served with various Oklahoma maternal health groups to host the state’s first conference on PPMDs.   

Healing the New Mother’s Mind, Body and Spirit” resulted in Cheryl Beck training 170 social workers on the proper use of her screening scale, Jane Honikman delivering the keynote speech and organizing further state structure and an array of on-site support and training options for mothers in attendance. 

Ms. Jazzar has been interviewed for various Oklahoma news outlets and also produced a statewide newsletter on PPMDs for the statewide perinatal support network developed by Postpartum Support of Oklahoma.

Ms. Jazzar and Ms. Cozad have provided numerous in-service trainings on perinatal mood to groups such as Cleveland County and Oklahoma State Department of Human Services, Mental Health Association, Tulsa, two state perinatal coalitions, various community counseling centers, Oklahoma Institute for Child Advocacy, Central Oklahoma Association for Women’s Health in Obstetrical and Neo-Natal Nursing, various collegiate and university graduate programs, several mother’s groups, breastfeeding support groups, Greater Tulsa Community Service Council, and was also a panel moderator and presenter on PPMDs for The National Alliance for the Mentally Ill (NAMI) state conference, Oklahoma chapter.

Cheryl is privileged to have developed WellPostpartum Weblog into a resource for both providers and consumers to have a better understanding of state-of-the-art integrative care for maternal mental wellness. 


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